Texture, Color & Floating Red & White Umbrellas Complete Asian Design at Rhumb Lines

Asian Flair accentuated with floating ShadeScapes Gift of Shade umbrellas

A “rhumb line” is the most direct course to a destination, and a perfect name for Rhumb Lines St. John, a highly popular destination for visitors and locals alike since 2003. And deservedly so. The restaurant and bar offer “inspired cuisine in an atmosphere of rustic elegance,” a slogan that accurately describes this popular St. John restaurant. Its great food paired with a wonderful bar and courtyard dining area in the heart of Cruz Bay, Rhumb Lines has received a lot of strong reviews online and from everyone we met who has dined there.

The St. John Shade Project spent a sweet evening at Rhumb Lines on Valentine’s Day, 2018. New friends we met on the island during previous shade celebrations joined us for a meal we can’t rave more about! It was our last night with Chris King, the Chief Engineer of our shade project crew, who was headed back to Colorado. A heartfelt evening was had by all saying goodbye to Chris, who had been the true-blue organizer of the Shade Project for several weeks prior to arrival and for over a week since, while we reminisced about our days of delivering and installing shade umbrellas at restaurants all around the island.

Our Rhumb Lines’s appetizers and dinner were amazing and we want to give a huge shout-out to Kate, our wonderful server; Kellie Sparks, the very energetic, sweet and fabulous bartender; owners Jerome and Scott; and last but not least, the kitchen crew for a truly perfect and memorable meal.

Katity, Kellie & Kate all look so great in their lovely Valentine’s attire.

Like most businesses in Cruz Bay, Rhumb Lines suffered significant impacts from hurricanes Irma and Maria. Much of the shade cloth above the patio dining area was ripped off by Irma and one of their two beautiful Indonesian pavilions was left in pieces. All that were left for shading the large restaurant were a few old center-pole umbrellas on their last legs, and not nearly broad enough to shade all the Rhumb Lines patrons.

When Jo Edmondson visited the island in early December, 2017, she connected early on with Jerome and Kellie, and later met with Scott to determine the goals for renewed shade. The initial plan was to install several large rectangular umbrellas. As Jo worked on the design after returning to ShadeScapes HQ in Colorado, she identified a better solution for this space, and collaborated with Kellie Sparks to complete a wonderful design. Kellie, in conversations with her associates and Rhumb Lines team came up with a gorgeous red, white, and neutral color scheme using items ShadeScapes had available in their www.giftofshade.com outlet. As Kellie described them to us, we gushed at the idea of installing RED and WHITE on Valentine’s Day!

The bronze finish on the Paraflex umbrellas is the perfect match to the colorful and rich Asian-inspired theme at Rhumb Lines. The three sets of Paraflex Duoflex side-post umbrellas, along with Multiple Monoflex umbrellas mixed in red, white, and canvas were absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day, and for every other day and night at Rhumb Lines. These unique “floating umbrellas” (as coined by the Rhumb Lines staff) replaced the last of the worn umbrellas and helped Rhumb Lines meet their goal of bringing shade back to their restaurant. Not only that, they helped to transform the space into an elegant, colorful, and inviting spot for returning patrons.

Kate, our server, commented that an area where few had sat before was now filled with tables of diners sitting under the new sun (and rain) protection. She was happy, Kellie was thrilled, Scott and Jerome loved the design; we were all super-happy!

Umbrellas replacing the second Indonesian Pavilion lost to Irma’s wrath

As the St. John Shade Project team was leaving after our extraordinary dinner, Jo stopped by to chat with some folks sitting at a nearby table, enjoying their meal under one of the newly installed red Paraflex Duoflex umbrellas. Like many who have been coming and working on St. John over the past six months since the storms hit, these folks were on the island helping with clean-up by day and supporting the restaurants and local businesses by night.

The presence of the many relief workers has been vital to recovery, as daily visits to the restaurants and other establishments throughout St. John have helped the restaurant owners and employees in the early months after the storm, both emotionally and financially. Now the relief workers are smaller in number, but many continue to be here to support ongoing efforts. Relief workers and visitors returning to an island they love now join together to support these special places. The relief workers are from many places on the mainland U.S., and it’s easy to tell from conversations with them that they are loving their time here–most will be back someday to visit St. John without so much hard work involved, but with time to visit the beaches and other attractions found in the National Park. Thanks to all these amazing people for being such a major part of bringing St. John back on track!

As we were leaving, we were heartened on Valentine’s Day to have been able to help out in the renewal of Rhumb Lines! The patio was filled and people were waiting for tables to celebrate the holiday. Many visitors are on their way back to the Virgin Islands for their spring getaways, and places like Rhumb Lines are ready to welcome everyone, so do come visit soon!!

Rhumb Lines is full of color and texture every where you turn!

Rhumb Lines Umbrella Ambiance…

ShadeScapes St John Shade Project crew loved collaborating with Rhumb Lines! Teamwork!

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